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Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Well, I was on holidays for a couple of weeks, and it seems like I took a break from the Internet as well. Sorry about that - I didn't mean for that to happen.

I'm feeling more or less refreshed and re-invigorated now, after two weeks of doing not very much at all. Which is a good thing. I won't go into any great detail with what I got up to, as there's nothing more boring than someone rattling on about a bunch of people you don't know.

However, I will list some things that are awesome:

1. Grilling. My sister gave me a grill for Christmas, and I'm loving it. We had a pair of chicken boobs for dinner last night, and they were quick, easy and great. I missed grilling.

2. That battle towards the end of The Return of the King. The whole trilogy is pretty sweet, and although there are a few things that bugged me about the film adaptation of some of my favourite books, on the whole it was a marvellous ride. But you can't beat the battle of the Pellenor Fields (sp?). The war elephants (sorry, Oliphaunts), the big wolf-shaped battering ram with the fire coming out of it, trolls in armour banging drums, an orc with a skull stuck on top of his head... Man. Now you're talking.

3. Gin and tonic. I took some time over the holidays to reacquaint myself with a dear old friend, and it was a warm and pleasant reunion. Try one with a wedge of fresh lime. Go on. You deserve it.

4. The Midway Arcade Treasures compilation discs. Buy 'em cheap, get comfy in your beanbag, and you've got hot and cold nostalgia, on tap.


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