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Friday, October 29, 2004

Any tips for a flutter on the GGs this Tuesday?

Well, we're almost at the end of another week. What's even better is that I'm headed for a 4-day weekend. One of the great things about living in Melbourne is that you get the first Tuesday in November as a day off for the Melbourne Cup. So, for the price of one annual leave day on the Monday, I can take a four-day break! Sweet!

If you're looking to waste time on the Internet (and, let's face it, if you weren't, then what the heck are you doing reading this?), take a look at The Bible, in Lego form. It's highly impressive.

I still kinda want to go and see Shaun of the Dead this weekend. Maybe I actually will, this time around. This weekend is also likely to see me drinking booze, and playing both Outrun 2 and Sly 2, which was a birthday present from my good lady wife, which I'm planning to pick up on the way home from work. Should be fun.

I should also try to get around to writing my AGDC presentation at some stage, I suppose.


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