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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Neat Software

I can heartily recommend Google Desktop. Seriously, this thing works like a dream - well worth the download.

Those of you using Gmail - I also heartily recommend installing the Gmail Notifier.

If you're not using Gmail and would like to, then you can email me - I've got a few invitations to give away.

Seriously, Google really seems to be the little company that could, these days. What I like about these programs (and the webmail service) is how lean they are. They do what they ought to without any bloat or unnecessary crap, and without trying to trick you into anything. They're fast, efficient, and unfussy. I also love the fact that Blogger is both free and ad-free now. Huzzah for Google!

Oh, and I've been quite won over by Mozilla, as a browser and regular email client. It's even got a decent IRC client built in. Seriously, if you're still using IE, you don't know what you're missing. Give Mozilla (or Firefox or Opera or one of the others) a shot. IE will seem positively retro by comparison.

Is Google working on its own browser? I hope so. World domination should be next on the list after that, I suppose.

[I'm speaking exclusively to Windows users here, I suppose. Sorry about that, in case any Linux or Mac people are reading this.]


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