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Monday, February 07, 2005

Bring on Hallowe'en.

Hmm. Tim Burton. Johnny Depp. Animated movie that looks a little bit like The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Sign me up.

In other, related news, I'm kinda tired and cranky today, because I stayed up quite late last night watching Ed Wood on the telly, and it didn't finish until 2:30am. Dammit.

It's a great movie - I'd actually forgotten how good it was. Aside from Johnny Depp, you've also got Bill Murray on deck, and that bloke who plays Ed Rooney in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Oh, and George "The Animal" Steele. So yeah, not a bad lineup. Not bad at all.

The script is beyond good, and paints a hysterical and vivid picture of a film industry that's not a million miles away from where the games industry is at present. It's a rare movie that's so hilariously funny from start to finish, yet also quite poignant in some parts, and genuinely inspirational in others. It's watching stuff like this that makes me get off my arse, and have a crack at something I really believe in.

Does anyone know how close to the truth this film is, incidentally? I'm not really that familiar with the real-life events it's based on. Having said that, I'm actually quite tempted to check out Plan 9 From Outer Space, just to see if it's as bad as the movie makes it seem. Surely it's not possible. Is it?


At 12:36 am, Blogger honey said...

Do you have to mention Johnny Depp just as I'm waking? And link to a picture of him?. Sigh. Anyway yes you must see Plan 9 - it really is that charmingly bad. You need to know what to look out for for some - the cuts from night to daylight which they forgot to black out, the amazingly stilted conversations between policemen as zombies stumble towards them, the cardboard gravestones that wobble as people walk past them, and Bela Lugosi's fill-in when the poor thing pops his clogs. It's a painful experience in parts but one I feel you need to go through. I mean: zombies, aliens AND vampires? You can't not.

At 9:07 am, Blogger VFD said...

"I mean: zombies, aliens AND vampires? You can't not."

That's a pretty compelling argument :)

It sounds like the only things this movie is missing are pirates, time travel, and a cross-country truck race.

At 2:34 am, Blogger Brian W said...

Isn't that bloke who plays Ed Rooney in Ferris Bueller's Day Off in jail for k1ddy-f1ddl1ng?

Oh, how it colors his previous movie roles!

At 9:24 am, Blogger VFD said...

Well, according to Wikipedia (

"In 2002 he was arrested for possession of child pornography, and employing a minor to pose for pornographic photographs. Jones agreed to a plea deal in which he was ordered to undergo counseling, and register as a sex offender. He was later arrested after failing to notify Florida police when he moved there."

Which, is, er, yeah. Not real good. I'm not sure Ferris Bueller's Day Off will ever be the same again.


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