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Friday, February 11, 2005

Just quickly...

Erm, apologies for the lack of updates. I've really had my head up my arse this week.

Very briefly, here's some stuff that's been happening.

1. I went to see Sweet Raxxx on Saturday night, an Adelaide band. They rule. They look like they're from the future, or something, and managed to be both highly abusive and delightfully charming at the same time. They're also an extremely good-looking band - I doubt there was a dry gusset in the house.

2. I'm going to GDC next month! Huzzah! I'm going to be spending the week and the weekend in San Francisco for the conference, and then going to sunny Phoenix, Arizona for a few days for some other business.

3. When I get back from GDC, the missus and I are taking a long weekend away in Mallacoota. It should be a nice little break.

4. Last night the missus and I went to see The Shins. They were predictably (but absolutely ball-tearingly) awesome. The rocked-up version of personal favourite "Gone For Good" was particularly worthwhile, I reckon.

5. There hasn't been much time for gaming lately, but what little I've had, I've spent on Paper Mario. Not a bad little game, if you can find it. Highly charming and amusing, but a real time-sink.

6. I've got a heap on at work, particularly with a few weeks out of the office coming up. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to get everything done.

7. I've also got a lot on elsewhere, as aside from the usual IGDA shenanigans, work, and preparing for this GDC trip, I've got a magazine article and a presentation to write in the next week or two. I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

8. My second-best mate Holley is in town this weekend. It should be a good time, particularly since we're going to the zoo tomorrow, as well as participating in the ritual liver-floggings that tend to accompany our time spent together.

Incidentally, did you ever hear the noise a tapir makes? It's quite unexpected.

That'll do it for now; I'd better get back to work.


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