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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

#8: Puyo Pop Fever (Multiple Platforms)

Now here's an absolute gem. It came out near the start of the year, and has been getting very little love in the "Game of the Year" stakes, but it's an absolute pearler. It's the best puzzle game ever, in fact. The addition of "Fever" both improves on the previous best puzzle game ever (Puyo Pop), and completely alters the strategy. But don't fret - you can still play "Classic" Puyo Pop as well. So it's sort of like two games in one. Brilliant multiplayer, easy to learn, but with loads of strategy and depth - this is the puzzle game for me. Better than Tetris, Puzzle Bobble, or anything else. Seriously.

You should be able to get this for just about any of the console, handheld, or computer platforms you may have. It should be cheap for most of them, too. I've got the game on Xbox, which cost me a measly $50 Australian. The game won't keep you up for too many all-nighters, but you will keep coming back to it, well... forever. Seriously - don't miss out on this game.


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