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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Who's with me?

I'm keen to found a task force, with the aim of creating and enforcing an international standard of potato crisp (or "chip") packet colours.

My recent trip to the US was made unnecessarily difficult and alienating due to inconsistencies in potato crisp packet colouring. Driving on the right; calling everything from chilies to capsicums simply "peppers"; the stubborn insistence on measuring things in inches, feet, ounces and pounds - these quirks I can live with. But I fear for the prospect of global peace and harmony in a world where a red foil packet can mean anything from "lightly salted" to "mesquite BBQ", passing though "salt and vinegar" and "sweet chili and sour cream" along the way. It's a cholesterol-rich Tower of Babel, I say.

Something needs to be done, my brothers and sisters. Heed my call.


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